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About the teacher: Mr. Alfred Wilde has been teaching IELTS since 2003 and specializes in test preparation. He has written over 15 books about IELTS and worked at the official Cambridge IELTS partner, IDP Education. He was trained by the British Council and has a masters degree in Teaching English Language. 


IELTS Writing Test Preparation Course

Course Objectives & Contents


The objective of this course is to provide insight and guidance on how to increase your band score for IELTS writing. The course focuses on Academic IELTS, but students doing General Training will also benefit from Task 2 guidance. Advice about how to succeed in task 1 for General Training will also be provided.  The course will help you get a higher band score.


Course Contents


Lesson 1: Writing Task 1 (Bar Chart & Line Graph)

Lesson 2: Writing Task 1 (Pie Chart & Data Table)


Lesson 3: Writing Task 2 (Advantages/Disadvantages Essay)

Lesson 4: Writing Task 1 (Bar Chart & Line Graph)


Lesson 5: Writing Task 2 (Problem/Solution Essay)

Lesson 6: Writing Task 1 (Pie Chart & Data Table)


Lesson 7: Writing Task 2 (Consider Both Sides/Opinion Essay)

Lesson 8: Writing Task 1 (Describing a Process)


Lesson 9: Writing Task 2 (Agree/Disagree Essay)

Lesson 10: Writing Task 1 (Comparing & Describing Maps)


Lesson 11: Timed Demonstration of Task 1 (and feedback)

Lesson 12: Timed Demonstration of Task 2 (and feedback)


Lesson 13: Writing Test (Task 1 and 2)

Lesson 14: Student Essay Feedback.


Lesson 15: Student Essay Feedback.


Lesson 16: Final Feedback & Q&A


Email me at to arrange a course. I will respond to emails in 12 hours and tell you everything you need to do to book and start studying. Best regards, Alfred.


The course is delivered 8 x 3 hours and has an additional 6 hours of live feedback.

Example schedule is Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs (6pm to 9pm)

or Saturday & Sunday from 5pm to 8pm. 

1 Student studying 1 to 1 private class = $325 USD

2 students studying = $195 USD per student

3 Students studying together = $150 USD per student

4 students (or more) studying together = $125 USD per student


You will have to pay by PayPal or Debit/Credit Card before you start studying. No need to pay immediately until your study plan is finalized with me.

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