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About the teacher: Mr. Alfred Wilde has been teaching IELTS since 2003 and specializes in test preparation. He has written over 15 books about IELTS and worked at the official Cambridge IELTS partner, IDP Education. He was trained by the British Council and has a masters degree in Teaching English Language. 


IELTS Last Minute Test Preparation Course

Course Information

Course available from Sept 10th 2022 (3 places remaining)



Objectives of this course: Intensive guidance, practice & feedback in all 4 skills to prepare students for the IELTS test.

Duration: 12 hours (Sat & Sun 9am to 3pm)

Cost: 1 student = $175.00    2 students = $95.00 per student; 

3 students = $75.00 per student; 4 students or more = $60.00 per student.


To Book: Send an email to and mention 1) How many people will you study with (or will you study alone) 2) Date ? 10 and 11 Sept or 17 and 18 Sept ? I will schedule your lessons then you can pay to my PayPal: 


Thanks, Alfred 


Course Contents

This course will provide key strategies to enable students to complete the IELTS test successfully. All skills are covered (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing). The course further provides a complete mock test with detailed feedback for speaking and writing tests. 

Learning strategies and practice tasks will increase your ability to get more questions correct on listening and reading and enable you to get higher band scores in speaking and writing. 


Lesson 1: Listening Strategies.

Lesson 2: Listening Practice.


Lesson 3: Writing Task 1 (Bar Chart & Line Graph)

Lesson 4: Writing Task 1 (Pie Chart & Data Table)


Lesson 5: Writing Task 2 (Advantages/Disadvantages Essay)

Lesson 6: Writing Task 2 (Problem/Solution Essay)


Lesson 7: Reading Test Overview.

Lesson 8: Reading 1 and 2 Analysis.


Lesson 9: Reading 3 Analysis.

Lesson 10: Speaking Test Strategies.


Lesson 11: Speaking Practice.

Lesson 12: Full IELTS Test (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking)



Feedback Lesson: Test Feedback - Estimated Band score, Test Day Tips & Q&A