Personal Statement for University Entrance

Get your personal statement written by an expert. Teacher Alfred has been writing personal statements for non-native speaking students since 2004. Universities place great emphasis on how well a personal statement is written and is usually a key reason why students get accepted onto English taught courses at universities. A badly written personal statement will almost guarantee you are NOT accepted. So, get a well written personal statement to give yourself the best chance of success in the selection process. 

Example: Original Text.

This is the text written by the student. It would NOT be good enough to secure an offer at Durham University.

Durham University
Original Student Statement
1-STATEMENT-Durham Uni - Original.doc
Microsoft Word Document 21.0 KB

Example: REVISED & EDITED Text.

This is the text revised and edited by Teacher Alfred.

This REVISED and EDITED Personal Statement was key to the student securing an offer at Durham University.

Durham University
REVISED Personal Statement
1-STATEMENT-Durham Uni - Revised.doc
Microsoft Word Document 22.0 KB


Cost: $59.95 USD

To have your Personal Statement revised and edited by Teacher Alfred, send an email to


Include the following information:

1. University and program you are applying to.

2. Your Personal Statement (include as much detail as possible so I have ideas to expand the information and make your profile appear more attractive).


Payment Information.

Once I agree with you to write a REVISED and EDIT version of your Personal Statement, I will inform you of payment method (PayPal, Credit Card, Crypto transfer). Once you pay, your Personal Statement will be returned within approximately 12 to 24 hours (depending how busy I am). I always try to deliver to deadlines that are convenient to my students, so if you have a tight deadline, please keep me in the loop and let me know. Thanks.