About This Website.

On this page, you will find information about 1) The teacher & creator of this website. 2) Returns & Refund Policy. 3) The purpose of this website. 4) How students can benefit from using this website. 5) The terms & conditions of this website including ownership, management, blog, disclaimer and copyright policies. 

1) About The Teacher & Creator of This Website.

Alfred Wilde was born and grew up in Manchester in England. He started teaching English in 1994 and has over 20 years of classroom teaching experience in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Alfred started teaching IELTS in 2004 and has worked and trained for many years with the Official Cambridge IELTS Partners, IDP Education and the British Council. For IELTS writing, he focuses on teaching students how to quickly increase their IELTS writing band scores using specialist IELTS writing techniques. Alfred graduated from Manchester University and has a Master's Degree in English Language Teaching. He currently teaches IELTS and English for academic purposes to university students. 

2. Returns & Refund Policy.

This website operates a strict NO RETURNS policy for any purchased content. This is because all the materials are easy to see and sample before purchasing. E-books, videos, and the format and content of essay marking and feedback are all clear to see from the website. The essay marking and feedback process takes at least two hours to complete. Having completed the marking and feedback, it is not possible to undo the work. Therefore, please study the samples carefully before you purchase as no refunds will be made. Also, please note that once an order is accepted, it is processed and scheduled for marking, which reduces the number of essays that are accepted by the website. Therefore, money will not be refunded if the essays are not sent for marking within the specified marking period. In other words,  once you order and pay for the service, you will lose your money if you do not send your essays for marking and feedback. Finally, purchases made "by mistake" will not be refunded.


Time Limits for Marking & Feedback. The following time limits apply. 

  • 1 essay purchased = 1 month time limit.
  • 3 essays purchased = 2 months time limit.
  • 5 essays purchased = 3 months time limit

If you do not send your essay for correction & feedback within the time limit, your essay will not be returned. 

3) What is The Purpose of This Website?

The purpose of this website is to provide online support and resources to make private, home studying of IELTS writing both easier and more enjoyable. The website is intended to help students who need extra practice to increase their writing band scores by providing step by step guidance and feedback to student practice essays. It provides preparation for all General Training and Academic IELTS writing tasks.

4) The Top 10 Advantages for Students Using This Website.

There are a number of advantages to studying IELTS writing with this website.

  1. Learn from an experienced, dedicated IELTS teacher from England, who has thousands of classroom hours teaching IELTS writing courses.
  2. No need to pay for an expensive class-based course or pay for expensive books.
  3. Save time and money on travel costs (typically increases class-based courses by 25%) 
  4. Save money on books because most materials on this website are free.
  5. Video lessons are roughly eight to ten times cheaper than attended classes.
  6. Study at your convenience - anytime - so studying is more flexible to suit you.
  7. Watch the video lessons twice in case you miss anything. 
  8. Post questions on the blog & become part of an online IELTS student community.
  9. Study IELTS writing intensely - not as a part of a general IELTS course.
  10. Get more practice at improving your IELTS writing with free downloadable tests, hundreds of IELTS writing practice questions, and FREE IELTS writing E-books
  11. Get detailed feedback to your essays that will help you improve much faster.

5) Terms & Conditions / Blog / Disclaimer / Ownership & Copyright.

Sharing Content.

Everyone is welcome to use any of the free materials and practice tests on this website and please feel free to share free content with your friends. This includes all the free e-books, videos and practice tests. However, by using this website, you agree ...

  • not re-sell any free resources or any part thereof that are offered for free.
  • not to post anything offensive or unseemly on the blog.
  • not to share paid-for content with anyone else (unless authorised by the copyright owner).
  • not to copy any part of this website for commercial reasons.
  • any essays sent for marking may be used to promote the website on-line if the website marks that essay in a document or a video.


  • All blog posts are scrutinised before posting to guarantee a high quality discussion platform.
  • Please do not post anything offensive or unseemly on the blog.
  • Any offensive or unseemly comments will be deleted immediately.
  • Persons posting offensive, unseemly or libellous content will be banned from this website and legal action could be taken if the post amounts to libel.
  • There is one basic rule for using the blog. Be nice. 


Under no circumstances does this website or anyone working for this website as an agent or employee provide guarantees or assurances that by using any of the free or paid resources students will get higher writing band scores. Any statements on this website that might appear to mean that higher band scores are guaranteed are, at best, predictions of what would reasonably be expected of a student to improve after using these resources. Indeed, every endeavour is made to deliver materials and to provide feedback to students' written work that will help students realise their highest potential band scores, but no guarantees can be given as it is the student who writes the answers in the test - not the website.

Ownership & Copyright of www.ieltswritinghelp.com.

This website is owned and managed by Alfred Wilde. Legal action will be taken against anyone who copies this website for commercial or non-commercial purposes if it infringes the rights of the copyright owners. If anyone believes any part of this website infringes their copyright or if anyone has any issues with the content, then please go to Contact Us to let us know the reason. It is hereby declared that any infringement of anyone else's intellectual property rights is entirely unintentional, and anything shown to be infringing another's copyright will be promptly removed. This website acknowledges fair use for educational purposes, but copying or illegally sharing paid content is not permitted by copyright laws. The images on this website include the authors own photographs and images created by the author and some are free stock images, which are used for educational purposes and no resale of such images is offered on this website.