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IELTS Letter Edited
Original IELTS Letter at Band 5.5 Increased to Band 8.5
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Dear Sir,

I am writing because I want to book a hotel room near the seaside. I am planning to spend the weekend at your hotel with my family.

I am interested in booking a hotel room, which has a beautiful sea-view, for four people. As my parents and 2 children are coming with me, I would like a room with four separate beds, adjoining bathrooms, an internet connection, and some puzzle games for to keep the children busy if the weather turns bad. 


Concerning our arrival; we expect to arrive on Friday evening on the 25th of July, and we will leave on Sunday night, which will be the 27th of July. Naturally, I would like to know what the full cost of our stay will be since I understand from your website that rooms are charged double-price on weekends. 


Moreover, could you suggest some places of interest that we could visit within walking distance of the hotel. In particular, we are keen to discover some fun areas for the children, Asian restaurants, and any other interesting venues which you might be able to recommend during our stay.

I await your prompt response.

We are very much looking forward to staying at your hotel, so I look forward to hearing from you.

Yous faithfully,