Unit 10. Recommendations.

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Focus Question 10. Recommending a Restaurant.

Dear Mr. Davids,


I am writing in response to management's request to department staff for restaurant recommendations for this year's annual dinner.


The restaurant that I would like to recommend is Luigi's, which is a new Italian Bistro located on King Street in the Piccadilly area. 


There are a number of reasons why I propose this particular venue: Firstly, Luigi's is spacious, so it can accommodate over a hundred diners, which is more than enough to cater for our needs. Also, although the traffic is bad in the Piccadilly area, Luigi's is next to the multi-storey car park, so nobody will have a parking problem. Most importantly, if we dine at Luigi's, we can be sure of excellent food as it is one of the best Italian restaurants in town.


Moreover, provided you accept my suggestion, I would be prepared to organise the booking, and I could try to negotiate a discount, which should be possible as I am a regular customer there.


Finally, thank you for considering my recommendation of dining at Luigi’s.


Yours sincerely,


Alan Turner. 

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Understanding the question

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Planning and writing

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Reviewing the introduction & planning

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Reviewing the answer & 

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Practice Task 1. Recommend a Community Reward.

Dear Sir or Madam,


My name is Derek Black, and I am writing to make a recommendation for the 'Bright Light Community Award', which I saw advertised on channel six television last week.


The person I believe deserves recognising for her valuable community contribution is my sister, Susan Wright, who is one of the unsung heroins of our village. 


The reasons why I would recommend Susan are as follows: To begin with, Susan has led a selfless life as a dedicated mother to six children. Also, Susan has nursed her sick husband, who has Alzheimer's disease, for the past six years, for which she receives no state support. In addition, as well as taking care of  two of her brother's children since he and his wife died in a car accident four years ago, Susan does all the shopping and cleaning for her ageing mother, 


To reward Susan, I believe she should be given free membership to a relaxing spa so that she can recharge her batteries and unwind from her exhausting altruistic schedule.


I hope my nomination is successful because Susan really deserves to be recognised for her selfless contribution to the community she is a part of. I look forward to a positive response.


Yours faithfully,


Derek Black.

Practice Task 2.  Recommend a Place to Study Abroad.

Dear Alex,


Hello my dear friend! How are you? I  hope you're doing fine. I'm really good. Anyway, the reason I'm writing is that I heard you are planning to study abroad, so I thought I could make a few recommendations that might help you.


As you know, I stayed in Bournemouth last summer from July to August and it was a really great learning curve for me. I studied with International House, who are one of the best English languages centres in England, and I stayed with a typical English family just outside the city centre.


Therefore, when you go abroad to study, I would really recommend International House and the host family who I stayed with. Not only did I develop my spoken English language skills, but I gained a lot of cultural experience too. In particular, I gained a unique insight into how a typical English family live because my host family treated me like I was one of their own. 


If you like I can give you the exact details of the school, and I could even contact the family (Mr. and Mrs. Brown), to introduce you. 


Okay Alex, that's all for now. Drop me a line soon. Miss you.


Best regards,


Practice Task 3.  Recommend a Private Tutor.

Dear Tom,


How are you doing my old friend? The reason I'm writing  is because I think I can help you out in finding a personal science tutor for your younger brother, Dale, who you mentioned was struggling with chemistry and physics.  


The recommendation I have for you is really amazing as he helped me increase my grades from Cs to As in the same subjects. In fact, he’s my old secondary school teacher, Mr. Howe, who gave me four hours a week additional study for six weeks just before my exams last summer.


Actually, I think the reason I improved so much was mainly because Mr Howe’s teaching style is extremely student centred, which really encourages and motivates you to practice more. Also, after you've completed the homework reinforcing what you studied with him, his feedback is really easy to grasp.


Finally Tom, I have to forewarn you; although he’s good, he doesn't come cheap. His hourly rate is fifty pounds, but don't let that put you off. You shouldn't hesitate to book him, and if you like I could introduce you.


Okay Tom. I'll finish now. Let me know if you're interested. 


Best regards,


Practice Task 4.  Recommend Changes to Local Shopping.


Dear Sir or Madam,


My name is Vera Lynn, and I am writing to make recommendations to improve the local shopping facilities in Bury.


As a local person, I have lived in Green Street in Bury all my life, which is nearly fifty years next month, so I think few people have as comprehensive a knowledge of the local shopping services as I do.


Indeed, I use Bury's local shopping facilities on a daily basis, and in my view, although the facilities, which include a vast array of smaller shops, an indoor and an outdoor market, and a large shopping arcade are sufficient, they need significant upgrading and modernisation.


From my perspective, the shopping arcade needs completely renovating. In fact, it would benefit most from a glass roof because it rains a lot. Also, we need to pedestrianise Peter Street as there are a variety of shops there that are exposed to dangerous traffic. Finally, Bury would benefit from fewer fast food outlets, which ought to be replaced by old-style cafes and restaurants that sell locally produced cuisine.


I hope you take my suggestions on board because I think they will enhance the shopping experience in Bury in a positive way.


Yours faithfully,

Vera Lynn.