Unit 11. Letters Making Offers.

Read the focus question below and watch the videos to learn how to get a high band score. You can practice similar tasks and send your writing for correction and feedback.

Focus Question 11. Offer to Start a Business.

Dear Albert,


How are you doing my dear friend? The reason I'm writing is because I have an attractive business proposition I'd like to offer to you. 


Let me explain: As you know, although my main business is T.V. advertising, I’ve identified a tremendous niche producing book covers. Therefore, I’d like to offer you an equal partnership in this potentially lucrative venture because I need someone who is innovative and creative like you. 


Indeed, what I envisage your role as being is meeting new clients who are considering having their book covers designed by our creative team. You'll need to travel to Germany every fortnight to meet new clients, but since you work freelance, this shouldn’t deter you. 


Provided you agree, we’ll both need to contribute to fund the new venture. I’ve calculated up-front costs to the tune of approximately five grand split two-ways, so two and a half grand each, which should be sufficient to cover operational costs for three months.


Okay Albert, give it some thought then let me know what you think. If you’re not interested I’ve got a few others who are interested, so no worries.


Kind regards,



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Step 1.

Understanding the question

and brainstorming ideas.

Step 2.

Planning and writing

the introduction.

Step 3. 

Reviewing the introduction & planning

& writing body paragraphs.

Step 4.

Reviewing the answer & 

correcting any mistakes.

Practice Task 1. Offer Advice & Help to a Visiting Friend

Dear Mae Ping,


How are you doing? It's such great news that you are going to visit my home city of Manchester, and I'm so glad you got in touch with me so that I can offer you some advice. 


To begin with, I would like to offer you a good tip about the best place to stay. Although you are most welcome to stay at my apartment, you indicated that you want to be in the city centre. Therefore, I’d suggest the most convenient place for you is The Holiday Inn, which is not too expensive and is located right in the city centre. 


As regards places to visit, you should visit Manchester United Football Club which has an amazing tour of the club facilities and club museum. Also, you ought to take a tour of The Museum of Science & Industry because it has some of the finest exhibits from the industrial revolution.


Finally, when you arrive in Manchester, would you like me to meet you at the airport? Then we could go out to Chinatown in the evening for some oriental fusion cuisine.


Can't wait to see you. Bye for now.


Jim Lao. 

Practice Task 2.   A Room for Rent.

Dear Sir or Madam,


My name is Robert Black, and I am writing because I want to offer a spare room for rent. I am living in Parfrey Road, which is half-way down Fulham Palace Road in West London. I share my six bedroom house with three other students, who, like me, are all postgraduate science students.


As regards the room, although it is the only remaining available bedroom in the house, it is quite large, which is probably because it has the highest rent of seven hundred pounds a month. I know that is quite expensive, but it is fully furnished and inclusive of all utilities. The room is available immediately and the rental term will finish at the end of next June.


Regarding the students currently living in the house; they are all really quiet, so I am keen to find another doctorate student, preferably in the sciences. The area is really vibrant with an array of shops, local services and transport links, so access to most city universities is very convenient.


Finally, I enclose the property description form, which I have completed. Please contact me on my mobile phone if you have any prospective tenants.


Yours faithfully,

Robert Black.

Practice Task 3. Offering Furniture to a Student Friend.

Hi David,


How are you doing? I'm just writing because I know you're looking for a place for next year and I think I can help you.


Fortunately, I'm moving at the end of this month, so if you are willing to buy my furniture, you could take over my flat for the next academic year. In fact, my flats perfect for doing your final year because it's a stone’s throw to the library, shops and cafes, and the rent is dirt cheap.


Let me describe the furniture I’m selling. There's not a lot; just a bedroom set, a large leather sofa, a modern coffee table and some bookshelves. I also bought numerous kitchen appliances, like pots, cutlery, and so on. Although I spent almost £2000 altogether, I only want £500 for the lot. Everything’s in mint condition because I spent most of my time in the library. 


Okay David, let me know if you're interested; Provided you are, I'll put your name forward to the landlord for the tenancy. 


By the way, let's have coffee in the union cafe - tomorrow if you like. Call me.


Best regards,


Practice Task 4. Offer to Buy a Puppy.

Dear Paula,


How are you my dear? I hope you are well.


Actually, I'm writing because I've just heard from your daughter that your dog, Lucy, has just given birth to six beautiful Labrador puppies. Naturally, I want to convey my congratulations to you all as this is such joyous news!


Also, I wanted to inform you that I have been meaning to buy a puppy for my daughter, Alison. and since it's her thirteenth birthday next month, it would be a lovely surprise. Therefore, if you could part with one, I'd like to make you an offer to buy one for her. Provided you agree to sell, I'd be prepared to pay the market price, which is about £900. 


Moreover, I think selling one to us will suit you fine because you know we are a really dog-friendly household. In particular, Alison is a ardent dog-lover, and when she finishes school, she want to study veterinary medicine. Finally, did I mention to you that she works at the local kennels for homeless dogs? She'll be over the moon to have a new puppy. 


Okay Paula, let me know about the puppy as soon as you decide. 


Take care,