Unit 12. Vocabulary Practice for Letters to Friends.

Focus Question:

Letter to Friend Giving News. 

Practice academic vocabulary from the band 9 model answer.

This task has 3 vocabulary sets...

1 - Introduction / Bullet Point 1

2 - Bullet Point 2

3 - Bullet Point 3 / Salutation.

(Source: Task 1 GT Video Course)

1. Greeting, introduction and first point - “Explain why you moved and how the new job is going”. 

2. Answer the second bullet point – “Describe the new area that you moved to, and tell your friend what is good and bad about the new area".

3. Answer the third bullet point – “Invite your friend to come to visit you for a weekend and suggest some places to go out". Finish off with a summary and the correct salutation (goodbye phrase)