Unit 8. Vocabulary Practice for Letters Reporting Problems.

Focus Question: 

Report a Missing Credit Card.

Practice academic vocabulary from the band 9 model answer.

This task has 3 vocabulary sets...

1 - Introduction / Bullet Point 1

2 - Bullet Point 2

3 - Bullet Point 3 / Salutation.


(Source: Task 1 GT Video Course)

1. Greeting, introduction and first bullet point - “Give your name and details of the bank account you have with the bank”

2. Answer the second bullet point – “Tell the bank the date you ordered the card, and tell them what happened when you received the envelope

3. Answer bullet point 3 – “Explain to them that you are concerned about the missing card, & ask them what they are going to do about it”. Write a summary and correct salutation (goodbye phrase)