Unit 2. Making Arrangements


Task 1 Focus Question & Video Lessons. 

Read the focus question and then watch the videos to see how the teacher writes a band 9 letter in the same way as a student should try to do in a real test.

Focus Question 2. Changing Existing Arrangements.

Video 1. Writing Demonstration.

Watch the teacher analyse the focus question and explain the steps to write a band 9 answer. This video includes a timed writing demonstration. 

Video 2. Review of the Band 9 Answer.

In this video, the teacher explains why this answer should get a band 9 according to the 4 key writing criteria provided in the public band score descriptors.


Now that you have watched how the teacher wrote an answer, try to write one yourself. There are 4 additional practice questions for making complaints. You can also practice the vocabulary for this band 9 answer in the sidebar.