FREE IELTS Academic & GT Writing Course (Task 2)

Unit 15. Music & The Arts  Direct Question Essay

Watch the teacher write a band 9 answer (FREE Videos below)

After you learn how to write high band scoring answers, try to complete the practice test. Then send your essay for writing correction and feedback.

Video Lessons.

Watch the video lessons to learn how to write a band 9 answer.

Step 1. Understand the Question & Brainstorm ideas (before you start writing) 

Step 2. Watch the Teacher Write a Band 9 Introduction in 5 Minutes. 

Step 3. Watch a Writing Demonstration of Body Paragraph 1 at Band 9. 

Step 4. Watch a Writing Demonstration of Body Paragraph 2 at Band 9.

Step 5. Watch a Writing Demonstration of the Summary Conclusion at Band 9. 


Practice Tests.

Choose one of the following questions to practice your own writing.


Practice Test 15.  Why People Need Music.

Practice Test 2.  Funding the Arts.

Practice Test 3.  Subsidising the Arts.

Practice Test 4.  Government Funded Artists.