Unit 4. Crime & The Law.

Practice Test 4. Crime & Technology.

This practice test is a consider both sides / give your opinion essay (similar to the focus question). Using the focus question as guidance, complete an answer to the practice test, then get your writing corrected with feedback from the Essay Marking and Feedback Service.

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Consider Both Sides & Give Your Opinion Essay.
Crime & Advanced Technology
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Suggested Outline for a Consider Both Sides/Opinion Essay.


Planning Your Answer. 

Read the question carefully to work out what type of question it is and brainstorm some new vocabulary from the question. 


See my free video for STEP 1 to see how I complete this important first step for the focus question. 


RememberNEVER just start writing without first planning your essay (you will write a better essay if you plan it first).


This is a Consider Both Sides Essay, so you need to brainstorm 4 or 5 ideas for each point of view in the question. Use about 2 minutes to brainstorm ideas. Don't worry if you have too few at this stage - you will probably think of a few more before you start writing your body paragraphs)



- Paraphrase the essay title using synonymous vocabulary, AND …

- Write a clear sentence in the introduction contrasting the two different viewpoints in the question. Do not try to write which viewpoint you favour or agree with. You will give your opinion in the summary conclusion. 

- Write a brief (linking) sentence to explain to the reader (examiner) that you will discuss both viewpoints. This can be very simple (such as "Both these viewpoints will be discussed below")


See the free video for the focus question about fossil fuels (STEP 2) to see how I do this.



- Write about one viewpoint only (either that advanced technology helps the police to reduce crime, or that it helps criminal to commit more crimes).

- Make sure you write a clear main idea - otherwise you will lose marks.

- Try to write complex sentences and give examples to support your ideas.

- Write a summary sentence (optional)



- Write about the opposite viewpoint to the one discussed in body paragraph 1.

- Make sure you write a clear main idea so that it is obvious which viewpoint you are writing about.

- Try to write complex sentences and give examples to support your ideas. 

- Do NOT write a summary sentence (because you will write a summary next)



- Write a contrasting complex (summary, not detailed) sentence that connects the both viewpoints you discussed in the body paragraphs. Do not introduce new ideas in this paragraph, but you should make it VERY  clear WHICH viewpoint you agree with. Do not forget that this question requests you give your opinion. 


1) Make sure you use a transition signal.

  • To sum up / Overall / On the whole / On balance / In conclusion

2) Make sure you express your opinion.

  • ... in my opinion,  in my view,  I think. 

3) Write contrasting complex (summary, not detailed) sentence that expresses your point of view as the strongest idea. Do not introduce new ideas in this paragraph. 

  • ... although from one point of view,  blah blah blah ... in my opinion, ...

Now read and check your work for any mistakes.   

To see how I write a band 9 answer using this structure, refer to the video lessons

for the consider both sides focus question about The Death Penalty. 


You can also download the free e-book to see how I structure these steps in 

more detail. 

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