Task-2-IELTS Writing-Agree-Disagree-Essay-The-Problems-Created-By-Computers-Outweigh-The-Benefits-That-Computers-Have-Provided-Agree-Disagree-Opinion-Essay
Task-2-IELTS Writing-Agree-Disagree-Essay-The-Problems-Created-By-Computers

Unit 6. Technology & The Internet. (Agree/Disagree Essay)

Watch the teacher write a band 9 answer (FREE Videos Lessons below)

After you learn how to write high band scoring answers, try to complete the practice test. Then send your essay for writing correction and feedback.

Step 1. Understand the Question & Brainstorm Body Paragraph Ideas. FREE VIDEO. 

Step 2. Planning and Writing Demonstration of a Band 8/9 Introduction. FREE VIDEO. 

Step 3. Planning & Writing Example of Body Paragraph 1 (at Band 8/9)

Step 4. Planning & Writing Example of Body Paragraph 2. (at Band 8/9)

Step 5. Planning & Writing Example of the Conclusion. (at Band 8/9) FREE VIDEO. 

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